5 Tips for Keeping Your Office Furniture Looking Like New

Your new office furniture looks great, it feels awesome, and you’re ready to get to work! Unfortunately, your furniture won’t stay new forever. Regular wear and tear can take its toll on even the finest furniture, causing it to depreciate quickly and forcing you to replace it prematurely. So how can you make the most of your investment? Follow these 5 tips to keep your furniture looking and feeling like new, and you won’t need to replace those desks or chairs anytime soon.

1. Tighten Chair Screws Every 6 Months

Screws on ready-to-assemble furniture come loose over time, and this is especially true for office chairs. To prevent the breakdown of your furniture, we recommend tightening office chair bolts once every 6 months. To help you remember, simply turn your screws when you turn your clocks—once in the spring and once in the fall. Most can be tightened using a simple Allen wrench, which you can tape under the seat of the chair when you finish assembling it. Read more here to learn more about the proper procedure for tightening the screws on your office chairs.

2. Protect Your Desk Surface With a Desk Blotter

Writing on a piece of paper on top of your desk can cause unintended marks and scratches, especially if the desk is made of solid wood or veneer. To prevent this, use a desk pad or blotter under your notes. This layer of protection between the writing utensil and the desktop will keep it looking like new for much longer. We also recommend using coasters underneath cold and hot beverages. Read for more desk protection tips.

3. Avoid Wear and Tear on Flooring by Using a Chair Mat

Whether your workstation is positioned on carpet, tile, or wood flooring, the constant rolling around of your office chair can damage the surface of your floors over time. To prevent damage caused by chair casters, add a simple and affordable chair mat to your workstation. Chair mats come in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes, and styles to account for any workspace, so finding the right fit is easy.

4. Keep Out of Heat and Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight and hot temperatures can cause irreparable damage to all types of furniture. This damage includes warping wood desks, discoloring chair upholstery, and melting certain plastic materials. Take care of your office furniture by keeping it out of harmful sun rays and in a cool atmosphere.

5. Keep It Clean and Organized

Keep your furniture clean and clutter-free. Regular dusting and thorough cleaning will keep desks and chairs looking like new for years to come. Likewise, keeping your desk clear of clutter and well-organized will make it appear cleaner and newer. To learn more about office furniture cleaning, read our guides to office desk cleaning and office chair cleaning.

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