Remember one thing if you are in a sedentary lifestyle, that you are at risk! No doubt, it does not matter how healthy you are at present. But the important is how well you are planning to maintain it fit for the future! In this post, we will be looking to the benefits of using the adjustable height desk or say sit-stand desks. By the end of this, you will come to know how they can help a user, to use the right position ideal for working either at home or the office.

It has been noticed that employees who alternate among standing and sitting positions will be more productive. So, they experience fewer fatigue levels and feeling more energized for work. It also lessens any probability of any issues that may happen by keeping the same body position for long hours! Not only this, it has many health benefits as well to notice!

Now, before moving into the positive sides, let us dig into the issues that most of the professionals are generally facing at present!

You might be in shock after knowing the truth that sitting for a long time can directly affect the performance of the brain of a person. Also, sitting for long can enhance the risks of chronic health diseases. It includes certain cancers, diabetes, and heart diseases, anxiety, depression, and overweight.

The bowel, cardiovascular, and heart systems work more effectively when a person is in an upright position. Fitness is directly related to physical activities. The overall endurance and energy levels can be enhanced while maintaining the strength in bones.

 What are the Benefits of Using Adjustable Height Sit-stand Desks?

Our body needs natural movement after every interval! So, it is necessary to have proper movement of the body to maintain excellent spinal health. Hence using a convenient desk can reduce muscle fatigue and enhance the possibility of circulation. Blood flow can be increased when you are in a standing position hence re-energizes the muscles.

A healthy body is the one that is in motion, and you can burn three times more calories than sitting in a single position. As per a study, it has been found that one can burn about 340 calories per day. It is possible by spending only 2 hours in total while standing other than the whole day of sitting for the full day of work.

There are some more added benefits while using this type of desk in place of normal ones. It offers enough legroom for a user to comfortably stretch the legs whenever needed in between working as a necessary thing.

Also, it is very easy for one to adjust the height of the table without any effort due to the motorized adjuster. So, it won’t take your time or concentration while working!

The desk is very easy to maintain and use in everyday life! It can be either at home or at the office. Only take a clean, soft cloth and rub it over the surface once to make it clean. No need to use any liquid or chemical cleaning solution or so and you are ready to work!

Why Adjustable Height Sit-stand Desks?

You will face problems if you are only following sitting postures in your daily routine. It does not matter if you attain a well ergonomic sitting position to sit for long hours. But there is a higher risk of heart problems.

Similarly, you cannot stand every time! In the standing posture, the pressure generated on the lower back precisely at the intervertebral discs is very low. It is even lesser than when we sit without any back support.

Also, standing consumes more energy of about 20% as compared to sitting. Hence in a standing positing, one can feel tiresome after some time, and it may surely affect productivity.

So, what would be the solution? Yes, you guessed it right, it is an adjustable height sit-stand desk that can allow you to work for a long time with both standing and sitting positions. Thus, the best option for one is to take the benefits of both the postures on it.

These types of desks come in different forms like Cherry Sit-Stand and White Top with Bevel Edge Accent. They can help avoid illness and any other health risks for their wellbeing.

They make it possible for their users to use regular movements to enhance the rest intervals of their specific body parts well. Not only this, but the desks can also help one to adjust the amount of body load regularly, and avoid the adverse effects of certain risk factors on health.

Adjustable Height Desks: Best Application

Employees are the vital assets of a company. They can be mentally healthy and give their best only if an employer helps them in maintaining a good physical health condition.

By using adjustable height sit-stand desks, a company can allow its employees to work freely. It is either by sitting or standing at their comfort even for long hours. They will feel energized every time and avoid any possibility of fatigue.

Due to the portable nature of these desks, one can move them to any place as per the needs. It adds to the benefit for a user that no need to only sit in a place to get the job done. After all, they are the production associates for a company!


An adjustable height desk is a one-stop solution for every problem. It would be an excellent pick for an employer to serve their employees as a great matter of taking good care of their health. One can adjust the height of such desks as per requirement. They are also sit-stand desks for a user who can work on them in different body postures anytime.


If you are still not interested in these, then you need to know one truth. Every year more than 3 million people are met with death. They were those who were not much active in physical activities. So, such deaths are preventable if cured at the right time!

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