10 Cubicle Christmas Decoration Ideas



Christmas is all about spreading happiness around you. It is one of the most awaited celebrations of the year, and rightfully so.

People celebrate this event by exchanging gifts, going to each other’s places, and decorating their houses.

The decorations for Christmas are no doubt the highlight of the celebrations. Every street, shop, house, or workplace has decorations to mark the birth of Jesus Christ.

However, the spirit of Christmas is not limited to people who have holidays, but also for people who work during Christmas.

As grim as it sounds of not getting to spend Christmas with your family and friends, there are workers who make the best out of their duty during the Christmas holidays.

They celebrate with their colleagues by enjoying scrumptious meals, exchanging gifts, and decorating their office cubicles.


You can also make it more fun by arranging the best ‘cubical Christmas decoration’ contest. After all, isn’t Christmas about sharing happiness?

So if you are one of those people who feel stuck at work during Christmas, it is time to revive your Christmas spirit by decorating your office with these easy DIY ideas and add a festive touch to it!


This article focuses on the following 10 ways to decorate your office:

1.    Christmas hangings

2.    Frozen theme

3.    Simple but festive

4.    Christmas snow globe

5.    Paper Santa

6.    Snowman

7.    Christmas cards

8.    Christmas boots and hats

9.    Balloons and banners

10.   Customized Christmas cups


Christmas Hangings:


One of the easiest and simple offices Christmas decorations is hangings. All you need is a combination of red and white ribbons attached to the ceiling of your office.

You can twirl the ribbons or attach some Christmas ornaments like stars or gingerbread.


Frozen Theme:


If you don’t want to opt for the flashy red office decoration, you can go all icy with white and blue. You can also add some glitter to sparkle it up and be like Frozen 2!

All you need is some white, and blue garland, white Christmas tree, two winter scenery backdrops, few shimmery snowflakes cut-outs, cotton balls for faux snow, and icicle Christmas ornaments.

Begin with attaching the wintery backdrop on each side of your cubicle. Stick the cotton balls scattered on the backdrop to create a snowy look.

Adjust the Christmas tree at the entrance of your cubicle or on your table, depending on the size of the tree. Attach the icicle ornaments with snowflake cut out on the ceiling. And voila, it’s ready!


Simple but Festive: 

If you don’t have enough supplies or the time to decorate your cubicle, you can opt for the minimalistic theme, as well.

For simple Christmas office decoration, you can create a quick and easy DIY Christmas emoji cut out. In today’s world, emoji are used to express more feelings than people.

So why not customize them to Christmas festivities? All you need is cardboard and some glitter if you want to make them extra flashy.

Cut them into Santa hat emoji and give them each a different expression.

You can then stick them on the walls of your cubicles or hang them on the ceiling. Moreover, for added fun, you can also assign employee names on each emoji.

Christmas Snow Globe:


Christmas without snow is not Christmas at all. Winters, snowball fights, and snowman add another level of fun to the Christmas celebration.

But don’t worry if you have to work in your office because you can transform your cubicle into a big Christmas snow globe.

So, here is what you need to do. Create a winter backdrop scene for the door with numerous snowflake cutouts and Christmas ornaments.

You can add in all your favorite elements such as candy cane, mini Santa figures, or holiday lights. Moreover, if you like, you can also make three-dimensional paper figures of reindeers, Santa, and stars.

Once your design is complete, wrap transparent cellophane in a way that it appears to be a snow globe sticking out from its design.

Secure the ends with tape and spray snow on the edges to hide the presence of tape.

Paper Santa:

Cute and little Santa figurines made out of cardboard and cotton is one of the best Christmas office decorations you can choose.

Keep it aligned on your office desk or hang them on the ceiling, and they will surely add Christmas cuteness around you.



What is Christmas without your personalized snowman? Let Mr. Snowman give the company to you and spread the Christmas spirit.

Snowman for your office can be made from heaps of cotton wrapped around three different sizes of objects similar to its shape.

Then you can lend some of your clothes and accessories to your new Christmas friend and let it be the star of the day!

Christmas Cards:


Wish your colleagues ‘Merry Christmas’ by sending them a customized card. It is very simple and less time consuming but serves as a kind gesture.

If you want, you can attach them all on a string and hang the string across the office room. You can also add some confetti to add colors of Christmas celebrations!

Christmas Boots and Hats:


Decorate your office desk with the Christmas essentials! Yes, multicolored Christmas boots and hats can make your office cubicle attractive and eye-catchy!

You can also fill them with sweet treats or small greeting chits to share the spirit of Christmas with your co-workers.

Balloons and Banners:


Is there any celebration complete without balloons? Then why leave your office Christmas celebration without balloons?

Get red and green balloons and fill your office with their fun. You can either leave on the floor or hang them across your office.

For some fun, you can have a competition of ‘who can blow more balloons in a minute.’

Customized Christmas Cups:


Cute Christmas cups with deer or Santa images on its surface will make your drink even better. Get different designs made so you get to choose the best one!




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