So, what are Cubicles?

Cubicles provide a very easy to afford option for portioning large open office floors into small workable environments. The degree of customizing these cubicles provide has made them the best choices for the offices. The installation and moving of these cubicles are as easy as the choice of their bringing in, only if you find an able company to provide the valued services. Are you planning to set up the cubicles in your office?Or have you decided to reorganize the cubicles to give your office a revitalizing experience? Do you think that the office workstation needs remodeling? So if you are planning to revitalize the look of your office or you are setting up a new office, then this guide is all you need to read. For solving all your queries related to the cubicles, this article is for you. From the texture, size, assembling, and disassembling, we are going to guide you. Just stay on the screen, and we will clear your queries. If you don’t think the cubicles the right choice for you, then let’s have a look at the benefits the cubicles can provide to your office workstations. They are a far better choice than conventional space-consuming designs. 

What are the benefits of having cubicles in your office?

The serene and comfortable environment of your office can make your laziest employees even to love the work. The floor plan and the layout are one of the most contributing factors in building the overall environment of the office.  Since 1967, the cubicles are serving as one of the most readily chosen choices for office setups. The cubicles provide many advantages over the conventional open space offices. They provide privacy to the employees. The isolation gives them leverage to arrange their belongings and set up the essentials in the way they want to. It equally divides the space and gives the office a sense of uniformity. It provides an isolated environment and spares the workers from the ambient distractions. The more focused your employees will be, the higher the efficacy of the services will be for sure. The cubicles give ease of rearrangement more than fixed portioning and heavy furniture. So choose your office plan wisely by hitting the most appropriate cubicle options available to you. Have you made up the choice of the cubicles? Hold on; there are a few more things you need to consider before actually making the purchases. Here they are. Choose according to your needs, along with catering to your aesthetic soul.

How are cubicles made?

Started back in 1967, the cubicle designs have gone through many revolutions. Initially, they were of fabric or metal. But the modern-day cubicles have many more textures to offer. Cubicle design should be chosen vigilantly by keeping in mind various efficacy and aesthetic factors. The cubicle industry has also moved several steps ahead in introducing modern space-saving trends. Wood, glass, and fabric cubicles bounded by the metal frames are the most commonly used choices. The different materials cater to different needs and tastes. The desks inside the cubicle also have different varieties, including the wooden, metallic, and Formican. The other significant choice to consider is the size of the cubicles.

What are the available sizes for the cubicles?

The manufacturers usually offer three to four sizes. Being the boss, you know best which size will suit your employee’s needs and nature of work.  The height of the portioning wall is one of the significant factors while deciding the size of the cubicles. Usually, the elevations are low, tall, and moderate. Low heights being 42 inches provides the leverage of the intercommunication of the employees. So, if your office setup has a team that has to coordinate very often for work, then the low heights cubicle can best possibly accommodate the group. The medium heights slightly larger than the smaller heights being approximately 54 inches offer a more private environment, yet the colleagues can still coordinate with each other by standing up. The tall heights, the most private of all, give the employee almost the feel of a separate office. The portioning walls are more than 60 inches. These also tend to block the sounds too. Yet they are also more expensive than the rest of the two.

How to assemble the cubicle walls?

Start with the most straightforward task. Believe it assembling the cubicles in the office space is the most straightforward task to do.  The cubicles don’t differ much in the context of the material. Select the required cubicles according to your choice and requirements.  Cubicles differ much based on the connectors you choose to join the panels. The connectors can be of different types:

You might need all of them to set up the cubicles at various spots in the office. There can be one of the four configurations you will need to assemble the cubicles in the office. While setting up the cubicles length-wise along the wall, you will need the end to end connectors to connect the cubicles in series. What about filling the edge spaces? The corner connectors will set up the perpendicular cubicles. In contrast, the three cubicles are assembled by the t shaped connectors, while the star-shaped connector can join the four cubicles together.

How to set up the cubicles? 

It is not a massive task unless you follow the steps in the right. First thing first, the planning. Creating the floor plan of the office gives the visual description of the cubicle’s placement. Estimating the number of cubicles in an open hall determines the size you are going to choose. Moreover, creating a floor plan helps later in the placement too.  The more careful planning you do, the more ease you will have in the future. A graphical grid paper can be used too for making the plan along with the dimensions. The placement of the cubicles, along with the spaces in between them, should be aptly drawn to see the final project.  Many architectural and designing tools can be used, too, for rendering a three-dimensional image of the office so that you can visualize how your office setup is going to be. Don’t settle too early for design, try different arrangements then select the one that is serving your purpose well.  A complete list of the employees and duties they perform is the key to the arrangement. Take a vigilant look at the nature of the responsibility of each employee and see which equipment they need. Like the employees working with a personal computer, printers and files need a large cubicle for accommodation. Likewise, the employees like in the call; the center can be managed in smaller cubicles too. If your company wants to accommodate more cubicles in open spaces, then don’t miss to install the cubicles along the walls, as this cuts the cost and let you avail the more area. 

Don’t overlook the light?

If the space slot you are planning to install cubicles in doesn’t have yet invested the lighting system, then it is a plus point you have. You can manipulate the fans and lights according to the setting of the cubicles.  But if it already has, then manipulated the cubicle positioning to provide adequate lighting to each cubicle.  Don’t block the windows in the room, but if there isn’t any other option, then the small height cubicles are the best choice as they don’t compromise the ventilation of the room.

How to put together the cubicles on the venue?

Avail the services of the professionals to assemble the cubicles for you. As a cubicle service providing company can do the task in no time, making the job easier for you. After fixing, make it very sure that each cubicle is ready for providing utility services. It includes the checking of the electrical supply to the cubicle, the lightning, and the ventilation. One of the crucial things is to ensure that the walkways are well manageable after positioning the cubicles, and each employee is easily accessible without disturbing the other.  Before moving into the furniture, there are some other things to have a look at, which includes settling the cords. Run all the cables under the bottom of the cubicles to avoid the mess within the cubicles. Individually see that the electric supply and the telephone cable is operational in each of the cubicles. It will surely save you from future obnoxious complaints. Now you are all prepared for setting the shelves and furniture and fixing the types of equipment. Now the final look of the cubicles will surely be satisfying for your nerves.

How to disassemble the cubicles?

Are you planning to move over your company to a newer location? Worry not, this is not as daunting as it seems to be. By availing the quick services, you can disassemble the cubicles without any damage and can shift them securely to the new venue. It is always good to inform your employees a couple of days before so that they can pack their belongings and make the space free.  The more the hassle-free work, the more the guarantee of no damage.  Even the professionals need a few simple tools to disassemble the cubicles. If the cubicles possess any built-in furniture like the desks and the drawers, then they are unscrewed first. They are leaving the cubicle panel alone. Once all the built-in furniture disassembles, then it is almost halfway through. Then it is the turn for the outer panels of the cubicles. The main target is the middle wall holding the rest of the walls. Usually, it is gripping the walls with the screws or latches. So, disassemble it with the apt tool, liberating all the panels from each other. Mostly the panels are connected to a rail sitting on the floor to ensure a better grip. If this is the case with the cubicles, then a wrench is mostly used. With the help of the flat screwdriver, you can unscrew the screws.  This step can require a little hitting to take the panel out, so a rubber hammer is mainly employed for the task, maximizing the security of the group. Then all you have to do is to move and transport.

Where the companies dispose of the old cubicles?

It can be a headache for you, but you can surely save yourself from this by availing the services of a reputable company and hiring the professional teams. So the idea of the stress-free cubicle disposal is achievable. The companies provide a hassle-free clearing of the cubicles from your office. Moreover, they also provide the eco-friendly disposal of the scrap and cubicles too.

How effective is hiring a company for the task?

Throughout the guide, you have seen how easy it is to set up the cubicle office according to your choice. But it may not be a single person task.  Many companies provide cubicle services, but finding the one with a good reputation can save you from the hassle.  Hiring a company having the skillful staff can make the task so easy for you saving them time and ensuring minimum damage. The companies also provide transportation services so you can set up the already used cubicles on the new venue. The more you are sure about the requirements, the more you vigilantly you will plan. Many manufacturing companies offer the ready to install cubicles, so all you have is to estimate the needs and then select the required textures and the required design. And the article has already guided you in detail about the assembling of the cubicles. Maximize the productivity of the employees by providing them with the best working environment.

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