The holiday season is upon us, and it will sure be a fun idea to spread a little of the holiday buzz at the office this season by decorating your office desk. All you need is just a little bit of effort and some creative ideas to make your office desk look merry and bright. Here are some tips, tricks, and ideas for decorating your office desk this holiday season with affordability in mind.
1.    Use Holiday Mugs

If you’re like to keep it simple and you are a fan of coffee, tea or water, then this would be a great idea. Not only will this add a new feel to your office desk but also serve a purpose. No matter what you like drinking, bring in a few festive mugs around the holidays to feel more cheerful when drinking.

2.    Change Your Desktop Background
Well, this will be the most comfortable and cheapest way to decorate your office desk for the holidays. All you need is to find a festive photo (a quick search on Google will do) and use it as your computer desktop background. It can be a photo of a Christmas tree or some falling snowflakes stock photo – doing this simple thing will keep your office desk alive while you work.

3.    Embellish With Small Decorations
If you have a small working space, you won’t be able to add more decorations, but a little will do. You can bring in a small Christmas tree and place on your desk. Or better still use a snow globe as a paperweight. You can also think of something else to add that will capture the essence of the holidays.

4.    Install a Candy Bowl
Fill up a small festive bowl with holiday-themed candy. Make sure it’s a small bowl so it won’t take up the whole space. Sharing sweets with clients that walk in and coworkers will brighten your day. You can quickly spread holiday cheer in your office and give your office desk a new look with this simple gesture.

5.    Display Holiday Cards

Clients, customers or vendors tend to give people holiday cards in the workplace. Collect these cards as they arrive throughout the season and display them on your office desk. You can easily place them on your table holding them with some pins to avoid breeze flying them around.
With the above tips and a little bit of effort, you can easily add holiday cheer to your office desk. However, make sure you talk to your boss or supervisor before decorating and make sure your decorations will not disturb or bother your coworkers. Once you’ve gotten the okay, choose these inexpensive ideas and start decorating your office desk!

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