Your office design can affect you and your employee’s well-being. You can set the experience for your team through how you design your office.

Let’s imagine for a moment…

You go to the office bright and early, ready to take on the workday, but then find yourself in an atmosphere that weighs you down. The creative part in your brain turns off because you hear the creak in your chair or you reach for the cabinet that doesn’t want to open. Have you ever seen this happen to you in your workspace? Have you ever felt finished before you even started? You enjoy your job but your surrounding is dragging you down. Instead of “wanting” to show up for work, you feel the “need” to show up for work. This sentiment can translate to a poor workflow for you and those around you.

Office design affects you and your team’s well-being

You have to pay attention to how the office design is because your effort in the design can create value in the work environment. If you create a physical space that employees want to show up to, it can increase an employee’s well-being. As said in an article written by Jacob Morgan from Forbes, “[An] employee’s well-being is strongly correlated to employee productivity and performance and even a small shift in well-being can have a dramatic impact. Perhaps one of the largest factors of well-being is the physical workspace. Employees who enjoy and like the environments they are a part of will be more engaged, productive, happy, and healthy.”

The office space a person works in can create a good or poor atmosphere. Having a poor atmosphere due to the office design will influence the well-being of your team. A study conducted by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills in the United Kingdom concluded that your employee’s well-being in the office can affect productivity, outlook on life, and can influence what they think of you.

How to design a better office space

You can design your office space to be the office you’ve always dreamt of working at. The best way to design your office space is to look at how you envision people that work with you (and yourself included) would be happy and productive. Let’s take a look at the steps to design your office space.

Steps to design your office space

  1. First, we figure out what kind of appearance you want. We would look at the colors, features, and different types of office furniture you’d like to have.
  2. We measure your office to optimize the amount of space our team has to work with.
  3. If we have to make custom models, we can make them for you. If not, we can deliver and install your new office cubicles, desks, and furniture you have requested.
  4. Lastly, we make sure your office is how you dreamt it would be with a final walkthrough. If there are any changes you would want to make, we can make the changes for you or guide you on how you can make the changes yourself.

Our mission and our goal are to have your office space put a smile on your face every day. At Cubicle and Office, LLC we try harder, we respect your time, save you money, and guarantee your satisfaction.


Office design examples

Do you like walking into your office and seeing the receptions desk look similar to the picture to the bottom? Check out this custom united series 6×6 model.

If you’re greeting your guest why not have them wait on a comfortable sofa?


Now as we get into the office, would you like an open workspace or a closed workspace?

The desk above is an open workspace with acrylic dividers design.


The cubicles below are 6×6 47H grey fabric and walnut desktop.

We can’t forget about the executive desks, they are for the VIPs in the office! This is the James Edward bullet desk with credenza, hutch, and cabinet.


If the team should meet somewhere, why not meet in style! This cherry racetrack conference table is sure to get you and your co-workers feeling ready to get brainstorming on the new project!

Now that we have a few ideas for what you might like in the sense of color, type, and design, there are thousands of designs ready for you to check out and explore. Don’t let your office stay in a bleak position which makes you and your employees feeling only the need to come to work. Download our free office furniture catalog to choose your design here. If you have any questions or would like to talk about how we can help you, give us a call today. Let us make your dream office become a reality.


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