It’s the third week of January and most of us who made the New Year’s Resolution for the year 2019 have forgotten, left or not following it. The studies have shown that only 8% of Americans indeed accomplish their New Year’s Resolutions. Why the other 92% get failed to achieve their target? Because they make a huge resolution list and face a lot of troubles.


So, create one very important resolution and stick on it, this is the only way that will help you accomplish your goals. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the essential ways to increase your chances of sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions.

Narrow down the Specific Goal:

First of all, you need to get organized to achieve the New Year’s Resolution and you would only be organized if you have narrowed down the specific goal. For instance, you have a goal to get more business this year. It will be achievable if you are giving importance to the things that are required to get more efficient output from your employees.


Now narrow down that specific goal and organize a reception area, manager’s room, employee room and café in office. Because the best arrangements and comfortable environment will help your employees to work better for your business and it will automatically improve your business.

Write down the Goal:

This is very important, you must write down your goal whatever it is. Like, put in writing that you will organize or redesign your office to make it perfect and usable for your employees. Your goal needs to be written down and kept near to you so it can be seen every time the work is being completed.


Many people make goals, get started and forget the goal. This is why the direction of project goes in the wrong way and vanished off.

Schedule it:

There is a great need to schedule each time you will be working on your goal. Like following the example “Upgradation of an Office.” In this case update your office gradually, make a schedule like what will be done in coming week. This activity will keep you fully motivated and you will stay on track. By scheduling your work, you will accomplish your goal more quickly.

Create Some Benchmarks:

There are several reasons to create progress benchmarks. After making a New Year’s Resolution, you should create some benchmarks because it will give you a clear road map to achieve your resolutions. It helps us break big goals into smaller steps and we can check our progress throughout. Also, benchmarks make us feel like we are escalating, which makes us satisfied.

Consider Financial Aspects:

While taking a resolution, you must consider your financial aspects. For instance, in order to make your office a better place to work, you should choose a company that can redesign your workspace within your budget limits. Set your monthly budget to fulfill your resolution.


So, if you have made an Office Upgradation resolution this year, follow the above steps and contact Cubicle and Office LLC for all your office design and furniture needs. Good luck.


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