As has been said in the previous post, first impressions matter and how your office furniture looks can be a big factor in how you design your lobby and office. This blog post about office furniture is going to speak about:

  1. The welcoming factor of the furniture
  2. What each type of office furniture look can say about your office
  3. How you can use the color of the office furniture to complement the surroundings


The welcoming factor of your office furniture

Your reception area can be a critical part of your office. If all you have are chairs and tables running through your office, it might be time for you to consider rearranging your space to fit the reception area. This is so that people can feel welcome when they come to your office. It can show them you care about them as they wait for their meeting.

Photo of an open lobby office design by Trang Doan from Pexels


What kind of vibe or atmosphere are you looking for? The office furniture you have can give off a different feel to what you might be looking for. The next section will show you a few different types of office furniture to help you communicate how your office is better than the rest.


What each type of office furniture look can say about your office? How you can use the color of the office furniture to complement the surroundings?


These questions can be answered in a few different ways. It all depends on the style your brand wants to portray. All of this matters in the design of your logo, your marketing material, and your office furniture.


What do you and your company stand for? Are you rigged and desire the more professional look? Try neutral colors like white, gray, and black. You may want to go with the more modern look and have the furniture to compliment your style.

Photo of a lobby office design by Pexels

Are you looking for your company to feel more creative and give those who come in a sense of peace as they sit in your lobby? Give your office a vibrant look and go for colors like green, orange, and purple. The style you add to your office can look out of the ordinary but still have people enjoy being in the space.

Photo of chairs and a table by Eric Montanah from Pexels

Whatever the case may be, the style you choose will show who you are to the client as they walk in through the door. Being clean can be one important factor but what you choose for the atmosphere can be another important factor. What is important is that you choose the office furniture that shows YOU off to your client. We can help you choose your colors and your design. Contact us today for your free consultation!


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