Color is everything when you’re furnishing an office and want a specific look. The color of the wood finish on your furniture can mean the difference between a light, airy office that channels a homelike atmosphere and a rich, traditional office that embodies professionalism and corporate class.

Below are our most popular wood finishes, but please be aware that shades can vary between manufacturers: What one manufacturer calls cherry or oak may not be the same shade as what another calls cherry or oak.

Cherry and Mahogany

Cherry and mahogany wood veneer and laminate are ideal for offices that want traditional elegance in their décor. Cherry has the look of wood with a red tint, giving it a vibrant appearance that works well when paired with neutral colors such as black, white, and gray. Cherry is available in a variety of shades from light to dark, while mahogany is typically a darker shade. Both finishes are often complemented by traditional furniture details like crown molding, picture frame paneling, and more.

Oak and Walnut

If you prefer a lighter, homier appearance in your office, then oak or walnut may just be the perfect option. These 2 colors also come in varying shades and can create a more rustic look via the visible wood grains they exhibit. This gives your office a cabin vibe. You may also find that because your oak or walnut office has more of an at-home tone, employees, coworkers, and guests may feel more welcome due to its warm, familiar feel.

Espresso and Mocha

If your office boasts more of a modern or contemporary style, you may benefit from adding espresso or mocha-colored furnishings. The deep brown coloration of espresso and mocha desks, filing cabinets, and bookcases are often paired with shining metal hardware, lending striking contrast to the dark finish. To get the most out of this richly colored furniture, combine it with lighter elements in your office, such as light-colored walls and colorful wall art so that you don’t end up with an office that is too dark.

Of course, this is only a small sampling of the vast array of colors that we have to offer. No matter if you’re looking to create an office that exudes traditional charm or you want to achieve a sleek, modern look, be sure to consider the color of your new furniture before making your final selection.

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