Organization is a struggle for every office. Between papers, books, files and other materials, it’s easy to end up with a cluttered environment. Organization helps in practical ways. If you’re well-organized, you can finish your work in a timely manner, project a professional image and keep track of critical documents. Business storage solutions can help you with these issues.

The advantages of the good storage solution include:

There are many business storage solutions you can use for your company. You’ll probably need a variety of items to accommodate different functions of the company. For example, managers, call center workers, Human Resources employees, warehouses, attorneys and salespeople all do very different jobs. Therefore, they have different storage needs. Some employees’ greatest concern is ensuring that documents are kept confidential. Others want to make sure their belongings are easily accessible, while others want a place to store items neatly.Fortunately, there are storage options for all different needs. How do you choose the right storage solution? There are several things you need to consider. Who will be using the storage? Will it have one or multiple users? Do you need portable storage? Is confidentiality a concern? What about theft or fire? How can you optimize the use of your office space? You’ll also want to consider size, color and coordination with the rest of your office furniture.People often think of the metal file cabinets that were once popular when they think of filing furniture. Fortunately, there are many modern and stylish options for storage. You can purchase laminate in many different styles and colors that have the appearance of wood. These include maple and cherry. If you prefer real wood, some products are available in mahogany, cherry and maple.


These will blend in well with your already-existing office furniture. If you need bookcases, you can choose from different heights, widths and number of shelves. Bookcase styles include cubby, standard, paired with drawers and quad shelves.

Bookcases can come in an assortment of styles, materials and sizes. They come in mahogany, cherry, maple, walnut; laminated, metal, melamine; and even steel. The colors can range from gray, green, maple, espresso, black, putty, white, bamboo and more. One of these colors is sure to make a wonderful accent in your office.

Plus, bookcases come with 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 shelves for your many office needs are. Bookcases then are simple office accents that add organization and contribute to the aesthetics of the office. In addition, bookcases can be 30 inches tall, 44 inches, 66 inches and even 70 inches tall. There’s one to fit any size office; large or small.

Pedestals (filing cabinate)

Pedestals are a great portable storage solution. They are file cabinets that aren’t attached to other furniture. They can be easily moved to new spaces when necessary and are a great solution for temporary storage. Pedestal file cabinets are made in both standard and vertical shapes. If you’re concerned about document safety, fire filing cabinets are available in many different sizes. These storage solutions have many advantages. They have fire ratings for different amount of heats and time frames for fire resistance. They are also resistant to impacts. When it comes to safety and confidentiality, these file cabinets are a great choice because they often have high security locks that can’t be picked or drilled through.Metal file cabinets have improved since the clunky, unattractive cabinets you remember from decades ago. Now, you can buy them in a variety of elegant shapes and sizes. Some feature doors that disguise the cabinets when they’re not in use.

You can choose a metal filling cabinet or a laminate filing cabinet. Cubicle and Office offers many laminate options for you to choose from to match your current office furniture or brand aesthetics.

Mobile pedestals are a popular office product. These are mobile filing cabinets that come with a lock to secure files when necessary. Often, the mobile pedestals coordinate with other pieces of office furniture. The advantage of mobile pedestals is that these filing cabinets can be moved to different locations whenever necessary. They are simple to move as they are on wheels. There is no need to empty the cabinet to relocate it.

If you have larger storage mobile storage needs, you might want to consider mobile storage carts or cabinets. These are enclosed cabinets with doors with storage shelves on the inside. They may also have hanging hooks on the inside of the doors. The storage carts have keys to secure the items inside. The storage cart is wheeled so that it easy to move to any location and reduces the need for several trips to move items.

Built-in Hutches (over-head storage) 

Desk attached over-head storage (desk hutch)

A modern desk with a hutch by Cubicle and Office

Wall Mounted Storage

laminate wall mounted storage with doors by Cubicle and Office

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