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The boardroom is a vital part of every company. It is here that people gather to make crucial decisions, share valuable information, and come up with creative ideas. Conference tables are a definitive statement as they show the reputation and prestige of your company. Here are ways you can boost your conference room atmosphere.

The conference tables are the most important piece of furniture for any conference room. It’s a necessary table that actually is a centerpiece of the room. It improves the décor level and helps to hold company meetings in a formal way.

Decent conference tables represent the professionalism of the company, have a positive effect as well as increase the morale of the executives and employees conducting the meeting; sparking their creativity and interaction.

Conference rooms are where company officials take meetings, where presentations and ideas are presented. This place is imperative to make the right decisions and get the things done in a precise way. Therefore, it is crucial to make this meeting room comfortable and managed. And it is only possible when you have placed the right conference tables in the room.

How to plan?

First of all, it is essential that you take a look at the conference room area, planning will play a big part to make your room fully functional. If you will be using this place mostly for conference calls or meetings, then a big rectangular shaped table is perfect. A small round table or modular will be good for interviews and brainstorming sessions. These tables are the center of attention, so make sure it is positioned and sized accordingly.

Compact Conference Tables

You can go for a conference table with a compact design, as people will not have to struggle to be heard across the room. They will be thankful for this as communication and discussions can be much easier. In addition, things will feel less intimidating and closer as this is a perfect way to eliminate tensions in a stressful room.

Avoid purchasing small tables for a large room and big tables for a small room, otherwise, it will create an awkward situation. Go for the tables that are in proportion to the available space in the room.

Ideal Size and Shape

Depending on the number of participants and the size of the room, it is important to settle on the right conference tables regarding size and shape so that everyone can fit comfortably within the room.

Types of Conference Tables:

There are numerous types and sizes of conference tables available in the market and you can get the fully customized tables on demand. There are highly professional companies working in your area, they are manufacturing high-quality conference tables fully customized to your needs.

However, the most notable types of tables are curved tables, round tables, modular tables, 8-shaped, rectangle table, boat-shaped tables, racetrack tables, and bowtie tables. Some of these are perfect for big spaces and some for small rooms. You must choose the table that is the best fit for your office.


Conference tables are fully designed to adjust a number of persons with right space management options. These tables can be in unique shape and style if we discuss the material you can choose wood options like birch, maple, oak veneers, espresso, mahogany, American red oak, and more.

These wood materials are finished carefully to make your space stunning and shiny. The high-quality conference tables have grommets and pedestals, also, some of the top models have height adjustment option. There are some manufacturers offering these tables with protective coatings and special polish to keep the appearance of tables good for a long time.

Power Sources

A conference table will host laptops and phones and serve as a visual/audio station. Participants will appreciate working close to power sources, and at the same time, they are not caught in the mess of wires, plugs, and cords in the middle of meaningful discussions. The positioning of conference tables should that.


Research has shown that appealing and well-designed spaces contribute to healthier employees thus less sick leaves, results in improved cognitive performance, and reduce stress.

Since conference tables attract attention in the meeting room, go for the gorgeous design that can make a statement on how creative, thoughtful, and smart your company is.

Involve participants

While deciding on the ideal conference table for the room, you can involve your employees. Take into consideration their opinion; this makes them feel part of the company, which is a motivating factor that you will be thankful for in the end.

When to buy?

Conference tables are available separately, or you can buy with chairs. It is better to go for a complete set of table and chairs because the matching combination will make the office environment decent. When buying chairs and conference tables professional furniture company should be considered.

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