Turning a large open space into an office that fosters productivity can be a tall order to fill. How do you know how many cubicles can fit into the space? Are cubicles what you really want, or should you incorporate an open concept design into the office instead? For all your workspace design needs, Cubicle and Office offers complimentary space planning services to help you determine what type of panel and desk system to add to your office. To get started, consider the different types of panels and dividers available to you.

what are cubicles?

Cubicles are made up of a collection of panels configured together to create employee workstations. Panels are the parts that make up cubicles. Available in a huge assortment of sizes and materials, panel systems are designed to suit specific needs for offices of a wide range of needs. Before you buy, be sure to consider the size of the space you’re outfitting, the number of employees you need to accommodate, the style or color you’re looking for and your budget constrictions. Due to the modular design of most panel systems, cubicles can usually be made as small or large as needed, making them highly versatile, but difficult for the untrained eye to design. Be sure to call Cubicle and Office at 909-774-1300 to take advantage of our free space planning services if you’re looking to add cubicles to your office.

Room Dividers and Partitions

Room dividers and partitions are freestanding panels meant to act as a visual barrier or light sound barrier between workstations, meeting spaces and breakroom areas. They can even be used to create enclosed rooms. Room dividers are an excellent solution for offices looking to divide up a space without building walls.

Need help finding the right partition, cubicle or room divider for your office? Call our furniture experts today at 909-774-1300 and we’ll be happy to help design your space with the best possible cubicles and partitions.

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