When it comes to updating the layout or design of your office, opening a new location, or even starting a new business, the issue of purchasing office cubicles will inevitably pop up. Businesses oftentimes find themselves looking at various cubicles a variety of sizes and styles, and numerous layouts that can be achieved in their office space. Choosing the ideal cubicles will set the tone of your office for years to come, so it’s important to have a great understanding of your business and its employees.

Turning a large open space into an office that fosters productivity can be a tall order to fill. How do you know how many cubicles can fit into the space? Are cubicles what you really want, or should you incorporate an open concept design into the office instead? For all your workspace design needs, Cubicle and Office offers complimentary space planning services to help you determine what type of panel and desk system to add to your office. To get started, consider the different types of panels and dividers available to you.

what are cubicles?

Cubicles are made up of a collection of panels configured together to create employee workstations. Panels are the parts that make up cubicles. Available in a huge assortment of sizes and materials, panel systems are designed to suit specific needs for offices of a wide range of needs. Before you buy, be sure to consider the size of the space you’re outfitting, the number of employees you need to accommodate, the style or color you’re looking for and your budget constrictions. Due to the modular design of most panel systems, cubicles can usually be made as small or large as needed, making them highly versatile, but difficult for the untrained eye to design. Be sure to call Cubicle and Office at 909-774-1300 to take advantage of our free space planning services if you’re looking to add cubicles to your office.

Your office design and layout should strike a balance between efficient use of the building’s space and giving employees the room they need to be productive. A good space plan design should help you maximize the space that is available in your office space.

Typical Cubicle Configurations

After you’ve given some thought to the questions above, you should start to think about the different styles and heights of office cubicles as well as their fit with other office furniture in your workplace. The sizes and heights of the cubicles you purchase will help organize your office and structure the culture you want to nurture. Here are some of the most common cubicle configurations: 

Office Cubicle Styles

There are generally three types of cubicles to choose from:

Traditionally, there are three main office cubicle heights:

While these heights might vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, these are the most common office cubicle heights. The height of your cubicles should depend on the office culture you want to build. If your employees need to collaborate on a consistent basis, having low cubicle heights makes communication much easier. Higher cubicle heights obviously make each space more private.

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